Colored Pencil Practice

 Here are a couple of new sketches.  I'm kind of going back to a style that feels more......well, ME.

I don't know if this is where I'll stay, style-wise, but this is it for the moment:)

I'm working toward updating my portfolio with the hope that I'll have some good work to send to publishers and maaayybee, get an illustration project.  While I still have a long way to go, I do think I've learned some very useful information that I can apply to my new work/portfolio.

3 baby bird brothers - 1 of them is wearing a "crown." Maybe he's a bird prince:)

Playing around with fairy design.


Luuucy! I'm Ho-o-ome!

Yes, I know, I know....I've been gone a while! Almost a year, to be exact.

All I can say is, I've had to focus on other things besides me art career.  I have been teaching art, though, and enjoying it immensely.

That's not to say I haven't been creating art.  I've been creating some more traditional art as examples for my class, but also developing my comic, "Mommy-Life," which I hope to someday have published in some form.  I've also written the rough draft, and drawn much of the storyboard for my next Roland and Tom book.  

I'm reaching a point where I may be able to re-enter, at least to some degree, the illustration biz.  I'm currently going through and updating my sites and devoting some time to developing my comic/illustration portfolio and getting back on the grid.

Hopefully, I'll see you around..........


Roland & Tom on Inkspokes!

Thanks, once again, to my friends at Inkspokes for featuring my Somewhat Adventures of Roland and Tom book in Book News, recently!


Start Small, Build Your Creative Business as a Side Project

Check out this helpful (and well written, I might add) article on starting a creative business by Sean Hodges of Creatro.

Thanks, Sean!


On "Overnight" Success

Just read a great article on Emu's Updates. Author Laurie Ann Thompson talks about success vs failure. I don't know about you, but I often feel I've crashed and burned when it seems that nothing's happening with my art and writing career.....career? Is it a career? Sometimes I'm not sure!

This article is so helpful if you ever feel the same way!  Check it out here: On Overnight Success

Thanks, Laurie!


Birthday Plans....Proof!

The Somewhat Adventures of Roland and Tom: Birthday Plans
Thankfully, the proof is not in the pudding....it's actually on its way to me!


Somewhat Adventures in Paperback

I've decided to go ahead and format my new story to be a paperback book, now, after all.  I hope to finish it in time for it to be available on Amazon and their other marketplaces within the week.

So, if you'd prefer a book about Roland and Tom to hold in your hands, just hang on a bit.  I'll try to make this version as affordable as possible, as well.


Roland and Tom's Blog

Roland and Tom also have their own blog, of course!

It's rolandandtom.blogspot.com,  if you'd like to visit.  I'm just getting started, so stay tuned.....

My New Book: Birthday Plans

EXCITING NEWS!  I've been hunkered down in my cave finishing another book and now it's published on Amazon!

It's called The Somewhat Adventures of Roland and Tom: Birthday Plans

It's super goofy.  Check it out!

It's my first book to illustrate AND write and it was a hoot!  I'm hoping to create more Roland and Tom Somewhat Adventures, as well as the million other story ideas I have floating around in my head.


Roland and Tom: The Birthday

In between end-of-school-year stuff, learning stained glass, and....well....life.....I'm working toward finishing my next book, Roland and Tom: The Birthday.  This one's due to go straight to Amazon Kindle within the next month, if things play out like I'm planning.

I'm also hoping it'll be the first of many adventures for Roland and Tom.

We're all excited!


Stained Glass

As an artist, I LOVE trying out new things!

The latest is stained glass.  I thought my paintings would really translate nicely into this medium, and, so far, I think I was actually right!

I'm enjoying this SO much.....here are some photos from the process (I'll post a finished product photo, when I have it):

This is my "Grace" painting design.


Birthday Countdown

Roland is counting down the days until his birthday party......

Riverside Arts Market

Brother Prairie Dog and I have our spot reserved for the Local Authors Expo (even though I'm not actually the author of this one:) at Riverside Arts Market, Jacksonville, FL on Saturday, April 19th.  Times, I believe, are 10AM to 4PM.

Come by and visit us!